Effervescent, delicate, yet boldly arresting, Hanut Singh’s jewellery evokes a timeless cosmopolitanism. Taking inspiration from the fragile delicacy of the floral to the strongly geometric, Hanut’s work bridges the modern and the ancient, the Indic and the European. He  inventively interweaves the pietra dura techniques of medieval Mughal and Rajput ateliers with the later art deco and art nouveau, creating jewels which are evocative and subtly beautiful. Stone within stones, pearl with shell, crystal with gold, they create worlds within worlds, bringing the fragrance of flowers and the radiance of star light. His jewellery is born of Puja, that everyday recognition of the mystery of the divine; Maya, the illusory grandeur of royal spectacle and pageantry; and Lila, the play of life that celebrates the energies of all living beings.

A body, thus adorned, gladdens the heart in infinite  joy.

Jayasinhji Jhala